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Safety Training

Training plays a vital part in work place health and safety as it reduces the risk of human error. Quality Safety Training Courses can greatly reduce the risk of incidents. 

We recognise the need for flexibility in training due to specific task activities and different skills focus between similar workplaces. For this reason your training should be exclusive and contextualised to your industry needs.


We can recommend training organisations who employee both a theoretical and in depth practical approach to ensure that all of the bases are covered. All training will provide the necessary skills and experience which are essential when working in high risk situations. 

Examples of nationally recognised training we can recommend providers for include-

  • Confined Space Entry

  • Gas Detection

  • Breathing Apparatus

  • Work In Accordance With An Issued Permit

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • First Aid

  • Work Safely At Heights

  • Conduct Local Risk Control

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your training requirements.

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